The Perfect Proposal

Exactly one week ago, Jim gave me the best memory thus far: he asked me to be his wife. He completely surprised me by his proposal, even though we had been talking about getting married/our wedding/our future for quite some time now. But what he did for me last Friday was the most special, most beautiful and most loving gesture I’ve ever experienced. I always dreamed of how someone would propose to me — with a ring under a Conch shell at the beach — which I told Jim when we were first together. (Not for him exactly to do it, but in a general [5 Double Rum Daiquiris in]  conversation.) Although, what he did for me Friday evening, blows my Conch shell idea to pieces — and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was, for lack of all other adjectives because this one just sums it up, perfect.

How It Began

Last week, I gotten hit with a horrible stomach flu. I was trying hard to not get sick, but whatever bug was floating around I definitely caught it. By mid-week, I was feeling semi-normal and was able to head into work. Jim, in his typical fashion, called me on his lunch break and asked if I’d like to see a movie Friday. Elated by the idea of a date night and to actually get out after dealing with a flu that left me 5 lbs lighter, I immediately agreed. He proceeded to say that a co-worker won free movie tickets but only to the Westshore movie theater in Tampa. Because his co-worker rarely goes to Tampa, Jim volunteered to take them and said we could go one of the best Italian restaurants in South Tampa, Rigatoni’s, for dinner beforehand. I was so happy that he suggested this that it almost made me cry. Just the thought of a nice night out with the love of my life made my day.

Friday Rolled Around

Finally, Friday rolled around. During my lunch hour, I checked out what movies were showing and was slightly disappointed by the poor reviews that two of the movies I wanted to see received. Naturally, I consulted my friends via Twitter for their input on what movie I should choose. Stressed over the fact I couldn’t decide, I texted Jim telling him of my indecisiveness. He, as he always does, calmed me down and said we could just decide when we got to the theater. Sounded good to me and I proceeded on through the work day quite excited about our date night.

Jim said he made reservations for Rigatoni’s at 8 p.m. so we headed out around 7:30 to make it on time because both of us hate being late. We got to the restaurant, parked and walked inside.

Side note: as we were walking into the restaurant, Jim was giving me a hard time about walking on his left side. I told him I was because I didn’t want to mess up my black boots by walking on that side of him and stepping in mud. We’ll get to why this is important momentarily.

Jim went up to the host to take us to our table. The host replied, “Ah, Jim. For the birthday party!” I looked at Jim dumb-founded, “Um … birthday party? You do know my birthday is in a month, right?” He just shrugged.

We walked into the offset dining area of Rigatoni’s to a private room where my Mom, sister, brother-in-law, brother, sister-in-law, Jim’s mom and his little brother were all seated. I swear, I must have had the dirtiest look on my face because I thought, “What the hell are you people doing here?! It’s date night!”

Then It Happened

Jim: I brought everyone here tonight to see if you’d do me the honor of being my wife. [Gets down on one knee and pulls out very shiny, beautiful, blinding round cut, hand-picked diamond ring, hence reason why I was NOT to walk on his one side]

Me: Surprised. Speechless. Frozen. Elated. Laughing/crying-but-the-kind-of-crying-no-tears-come-out.

…. [Moments pass]

My brother (I think): Well, answer him already!

Me: YES!!! [Runs over to Jim and gives him big hug]

That was, without a doubt, the most beautiful, happy, amazing moment of my life. As a writer, I still can’t find the right words to describe it. All week, I’ve just been on Cloud Nine. I mean, like I said before, we’ve talked about it for so long but now it’s official. We are officially getting married! He will be my husband and I his wife. I found the person and the kind of love I spent so many days dreaming about, wishing on stars and spilling to my childhood diary. And although my Dad and his Dad weren’t there physically to celebrate with us, they were in spirit and we feel that every day.

Sometimes, I still have to pinch myself. Jim is the most wonderful, loving, thoughtful, humorous, considerate and a billion other descriptions man that I’ve ever known. Yes, our relationship isn’t always rainbows and roses, but what real, healthy, loving relationship is? I know I’m a pain in the @$$ and so is he. But we take the best and worst things and come together at the end of it all, turn to each other and laugh.

Jim and I share a unique bond that can never be broken. Now, we are solidifying that bond with marriage. I cannot wait and eek! I’m just so excited. I used to always scoff at how silly women get with wedding planning but trust me, when you find the love of your life, you’ll get girly and giddy and giggly too. Because it’s not just about the wedding day but it’s what is about to happen and what all that means. And you know what? It is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever experience and you’ll thank the stars for finally listening to your wishes.



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