The Ten Things I Will NOT Do While I Plan My Wedding

I lo-oooove WEtv’s Bridezillas. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve even gotten Jim hooked on it. However, watching these soon-to-be wed train wrecks has allowed me to comply a list of things I will not do while I plan my wedding. Let’s start with reason #10 …

10. I will not make my bridesmaids wear a hideous color dress because I want to look more “beautiful” than they do.I think it’s ridiculous brides do this and I’ve actually been one of those bridesmaids that I had to wear a not-so-flattering gown before. So I vow to my bridesmaids you will wear something beautiful, within my color scheme and that will flatter your body type.

9. I will not spend countless (or probably any) hours making arts and crafts like projects for my reception.

Though these things look great in pictures, unless I were to hire a wedding planner, I’m not wasting my time. First of all, I suck at arts and crafts. (Yes, I do graphic design but if you’ve ever seen my hand-drawn mock-ups of things, you’d die laughing. I’m a stick figure kind of gal.) Second of all, besides one key project that might fall under an arts and crafts description (it’s something meaningful to Jim and I so in Lauren’s book, it doesn’t count) I do not have the patience for gluing, stapling, pinning, or any of the like.

8. I will not get “wedding dress skinny.”

I’ve seen this one happen tons of times: Brides buy a gown that is 2-3 sizes too small so they can lose a bunch of weight before the wedding just to gain it all back a few months after the wedding day. I prefer to stick with my health/fitness plan, pick a gown that is my size and might need to be taken in a few inches (if need be), maintain my healthy weight before, during and after the wedding, thank you very much.

7. I will not spend an astronomical amount for my wedding gown.

Another item that will be beautiful. However, I’m having a beach wedding. The moment I step foot into the sand, that dress will be dirty.

6. I will not refer to Jim as “my fiancé this, my fiancé that” in immediate circles.

This just drives me crazy. He has a name! And my family/friends know it.

5. I will not get stressed over the little things.

There’s no point. Everything will look amazing and you know what? All those crazy detailed arts and crafts projects that brides stress over are minute and no one remembers them!

4. I will not refer to my wedding day as “My day.”

Last time I checked, I wasn’t marrying myself. It’s Our Day.

3. I will not be rude to my vendors.

Kindness goes a long way. Being a bridezilla does nothing more than make you look bad and will make your vendors hate you. I like being liked.

2. I will not publicize every single wedding planning detail on a social media platform.

The bigger stuff (my dress, our date, the venue, etc.) – sure, why not. Play-by-plays? Hell, naw.

1. I will not forget my groom/the reason I’m getting married.

I think brides get so wrapped up in everything, the love for their groom and the reason why they’re planning this event takes a backseat. It’s not just about the wedding day – and yes, I know how this is one of the biggest events of a person’s life – but it’s the whole meaning of the day and the person they are entering this day with. I will never let something materialistic take over my love for Jim and the excitement I feel for planning such a special day that will make him my husband and me his wife!


3 thoughts on “The Ten Things I Will NOT Do While I Plan My Wedding

    • Thank you! I’ve been able to stay actually pretty true to them with the exception of #9. I decided to do some more DIY projects (Save the Dates, centerpieces, invitations, etc.) only because I feel like it gives my wedding more a personalized touch.

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