Happy Birthday, Self

I celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday and as an introspective thing to do, I’ve decided to write myself a letter. It might be a little cheesy, but sometimes you need to stop, collect yourself and look deep within to gain inspiration to keep you going in this crazy, whirlwind life. So here it is – raw and real. And a little bit mushy.

Dear Self,

At 24 years old, you’re quite an accomplished individual and you should take a moment to realize that. You’re working in your career field – and have been for nearly two years now – working on your MBA and will be getting married as of November. Give yourself a break when you feel like you’re not as far in this life as you imagined. You have plenty of time still to do all the things you wanted to and need to start working on those things. For example, get started on that novel you’ve been dreaming about since you were young. Even if it’s just a bunch of garbled notes on paper that only you understand, start writing. It’s your passion and you need to start reconnecting with it.

Additionally, be proud of how far you’ve come with your weight and fitness goals. You’ve struggled for over 10 years with self-image, insecurity and uneasiness about your body. You’ve went above and beyond your own expectations and continue to every day. Don’t get too hard on yourself when you have a piece of chocolate once in a while, too. Everyone deserves a cheat day and you’ve learned how to get a handle on your food intake.

With all your accomplishments, continue to improve yourself. Be patient with people and start to be a little more understanding of those around you. You hear Dad’s voice in your head to calm down and focus so listen to him. Whether it’s calming down and focusing on the situation at hand, the person or whatever it is, listen to him. He’s right there with you and cheering you on.

Another big cheerleader for you is Jim. As your father said in a recent dream, Jim is your future. Give him unconditional love, support and care for the rest of your life. And give him a break sometimes, too. He does so much for you and like you, he’s allowed to make mistakes, too.

As you know, continue to always appreciate your family and good friends – they will always be there for you. Make sure you are always there for them, too.

And, of course, love yourself unconditionally. No one is perfect and everyone is allowed a road bump here and there. Don’t beat yourself up for every little thing and accept your imperfections. Keep on your path of gaining more self-confidence physically, mentally and emotionally. You’ve become a young professional and an amazing woman, and you need to keep reminding yourself of that.

Keep these things in mind this year and for years to come. Have a very happy birthday, Self.


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