Diet & Meal Planning is Just a ‘Click’ Away

I like change. In fact, I embrace it. And when it comes to my fitness, diet and health goals, I welcome it with open arms.

Over the past two years, I’ve used WeightWatchers to help me with my diet goals and to get a good grasp on portion control. However, once WW switched to the PointsPlus plan, the plan wasn’t working as well as it used to. Now, I am not here to bash WW in any sense. I fully endorse the program for those looking to get a jump start on their weight loss and who need guidance on how to control their proportions. This week, though, I decided to say good-bye to WW and try a new way of managing my food intake and tracking my fitness regime. Also, being that I’m on super saver mood for the upcoming wedding, I needed a meal planner that was free. $17.95/month for WW might not seem like a lot but in actuality, every single penny helps!

After doing a Google search for “free online food diary” this morning, and browsing through a few other sites (e.g.,, I stumbled across Like Livestrong and CalorieCount, FitClick offers a calorie counter and a food/fitness manager. However, the biggest appeal for me with this site was that FitClick lets you choose from over 8 free diet plans – including 4 vegetarian diets!

FitClick Diet Plans

FitClick Diet Plans

I’m trying out the FitClick Carb Reduction Diet Plan right now. What’s great about any FitClick diet plan and is quite different from WW is that in addition to have a target calorie intake for each day, it shows a suggested daily meal plan for main meals as well as snacks. Here’s a snap shot of what FitClick recommends I eat tomorrow:

FitClick Suggested Meal Plan

Like and CalorieCount, FitClick includes a “Diet Score Card” outlining my target calories, carbs, protein, fat and water intake. There’s also a drop-down outline for fiber intake as well as sodium, vitamins and saturated/trans fat, cholesterol and sugars.

In two weeks (March 24th) I’ll post an update  of my progress with my new diet plan manager. I’m hoping I can *finally* get rid of these last (annoying) 10-15 pounds!


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