Group Fitness Classes — Just Do It (And I Did!)

Last night I decided to go to Shapes’ Aerobic Weight Training class. I’ve wanted to attend this class since I re-joined Shapes but couldn’t muster up the courage to do it. Something about group fitness has always made me shy and nervous. I know I’ve told you about how I used to attend boot camp classes which is group fitness. However, what I didn’t tell you was that it took me nearly three months to sign up with the studio’s trainer and that was only for personal training sessions. The PT sessions went on for a month until I finally felt confident enough to try a boot camp class and we all know the great result I received from those classes!

So back to the AWT class. What would make me nervous about trying it if I’ve tried group fitness in the past? I guess my fear of looking stupid because I’ve never tried the class before and didn’t know what I was up against. Yesterday, though, as I jogged on the treadmill, I decided to throw my fears out the window, go out to my car and grab my new yoga mat purchased specifically for this (and other) class(es) and try it. I followed the other class attendees into the group fitness room, grabbed my weights, laid out my mat and set up my station with a little smile on my face. There was nothing to be insecure or nervous about anymore. I wasn’t the only attendee trying AWT for the first time and was surrounded by women at all ages and fitness levels.

Now, mind you, the class was far from easy. The high intensity cardio moves mixed with isolated weight training left me pouring in sweat but the thing was, I didn’t care. Who did I have to impress? The women next to me sympathized with my “sweaty condition” and sweated/grunted right along with me. One hour and 400 calories burned later, I felt awesome. Not only physically but mentally. I was over my fear of the initial class jitters and felt so proud that I pushed myself beyond my physical and mental boundaries. Also, I knew a class like this could help me achieve my goal to tone up for the wedding.

If you’re thinking of trying a group fitness class but are unsure about it, I suggest just try it. Leave your excuses at the door. If you don’t like it, fine.  I have a feeling, though, you’ll go back, craving for more. You’ll discover that it isn’t just about the endorphins or the calories burned but it’s that feeling of accomplishment and empowerment. No doubt about it: You’ll want to stop, your muscles will be burning and you’ll be drenched in sweat. However, when that instructor keeps pushing you when you’re ready to quit and you look around the room to see 15+ other women doing it right along side of you, you’ll keep going and walk out of that room feeling 100 times more empowered and confident than you were walking in.


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