Pole Dancing: Still Taboo in 2011?

On Saturday, my sister and me went to Mix 100.7’s Mix Chicks Slumber party. (I won an invite after submitting my story on why I needed a girls’ night out to the station.) It was a great way for us to hang out, relax and enjoy a few drinks. We both have been so busy with work, school and everything else going on that being able to spend time together without a care in the world was much needed. We really were able to re-establish our sisterly bond and enjoy each other’s company. Anyhow, mushiness aside … While at the Slumber Party, Lianne and me wandered over to where Impulse Pole Dance Studio was set up. We mused at the flexibility, grace and confidence that the studio owner, Sarah, had on the pole.

Now, before I go on, let me further reiterate what I’m going to be talking about here: the art of pole dancing. Yes, you read me right. Pole dancing is an art and is probably one of the best work outs I’ve had to date. But more than the calories exerted and the burning thighs I received, I am seriously in awe of pole dancing. Let’s be real, we frequently associate pole dancing with strippers and strippers with zero class and the crème de la crème of trashy. I’ll admit the ugly truth and say I’ve made that association on more than one account.

After Saturday, my mind has changed about pole dancing, what it can do for a woman’s confidence and how it takes an immense amount of strength, confidence and agility. Maybe it’s embraced more in today’s society but I’m not so sure. I still feel like something like pole dancing, which fully enforces women to embrace their sexuality and womanhood, is still taboo. Maybe society isn’t fully to blame because we’ve become more and more accepting of sexuality and sex in general. However, if a 24-year-old woman like myself, decides to try this type of dancing to tear down walls of insecurity and open pathways to feeling beautiful and sexy is that forbidden in society’s eyes? Am I considered trashy, unclassy and whorish because I “got up on the pole?”

Yours truly pracitcing the "fireman slide."

Courtsey of Radko Keleman & Mix 100.7

There is nothing wrong with a woman exploring her confidence and finding new ways of being sexy. The art in this type of dancing is just that – the feeling that is aroused (no pun intended) from participating in this art form. Think of what a painting can do for you. For you, personally. Not anyone else. Think of how it can change your mood, your attitude or your outlook on life. If you’ve ever experienced any other type of dancing – from hip hop to step to ballet – your subconscious picked up some type of mood sensor whether it was positive or negative.

Pole dancing does that for me. As someone who appreciates art, the form makes me feel confident. Beautiful. Determined. Strong. Successful. As modern women, don’t we strive for that? Sure, this type of art isn’t for everyone. Dadaism isn’t for me so to each their own. As I say with several fitness regimes, give pole dancing a whirl and let me know what you think. You may find yourself building new levels of confidence and beauty that you didn’t know existed. It’s good to feel sexy – for yourself – whatever way works for you.


One thought on “Pole Dancing: Still Taboo in 2011?

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