Getting Sculpted for the Wedding Day

One hundred and fifty-seven days to go until Jim and me are married! I can’t believe how fast the months and days are flying by. Sooner than I know it, the summer will be over and Fall will be here. Then it will be November. And then it’ll be November 12th!

Me in 2009 at Fit For Fashion

Some have asked me how I’m getting “wedding ready” in terms of my health and fitness regime. For food/eating, I re-joined WeightWatchers for a few reasons: one, I can track daily what I’m eating and really be honest with myself; two, the PointsPlus system is easier than tracking calories; and three, it helps me eat more veggies and fruits than I normally would because fruits and most veggies are zero points.

With fitness, I’ve combined aerobic weight training, pilates and yoga group fitness classes at least three times a week. Additionally, I will walk/jog two to three miles on the treadmill or pump out two to three miles on a cross-trainer. The majority of my newly sculpted muscles need to be credited to my group fitness classes. These classes help define my muscles, lose inches and alleviate stress.  Fitness Magazine has a great sculpting strength routine that’s super similar to the one I do.

As I’ve said before, I’m not looking to get “bridal skinny.” The sample dress I tried on was my size and fit me perfectly. It accentuates my curves, shows off my flattened tummy and, most importantly, makes me feel like a beautiful bride. Of course, when my dress comes in, I’ll need alterations, especially to the bust as I have a smaller top half than bottom. (Case-in-point: My measurements are 36/28/38. Big ol’ Italian hips and Kim Kardash bootay.)

My goal is to “shave off” some inches from my hips, butt and thighs and tone up my arms. However, because my dress fits me so well for the most part, I’m not going to kill myself and lose 20-25 pounds just because I’m getting married. I’ve come so far with my weight and fitness that to become unhealthy now would take me back years. Plus, alterations are already expensive so to pay additional alteration fees would just be plain silly.

If you’re looking for some helpful healthy eating/sculpting tips for your wedding day, hit me up. I’m no dietician but I do know what’s good for the body and what might work for you!


One thought on “Getting Sculpted for the Wedding Day

  1. Your transformation has been incredible! I look to you for inspiration often, especially when the gym is the last place I want to be. Would love to join you for a class sometime, lady<3

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