Christmas Countdown: Lights, All of the Lights

Christmas lights make me giddy. Maybe it’s because they bring me back to my youth, or because I’m amazed by the time and energy people put into their holiday lighting decor, or because I’m intrigued by how much their energy bill will be by the time the holidays wrap up. Whatever the reason, I love them.

What’s great is that many neighboring communities have special holiday viewing times from now through Christmas. Parks and outdoor malls also have holiday light shows. Check your local papers or news websites for these events.

So, grab your spouse, friend, child or pup and walk around your neighborhood to view holiday lights. It’s a low-intensity exercise that’s fun and one of those kinds of work outs that doesn’t make you feel like you’re exercising. And, if you stayed out until 2 a.m. like Jess and co. on New Girl, grab your buds and start shouting at your neighbors to turn their lights on.

Warning: Shouting at your neighbors in the middle of the night may result in legal disciplinary action, a swift kick to the face and/or strong dislike from your neighbors.


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