Christmas Countdown: Holiday Dress Up for the Pup

Today’s post goes to the dogs — literally. Our Pit Bull baby, Maya, is weirdly human and it’s always a new twist of what person-like thing she will do next. For example …

She sits in chairs like a person.

She soaks up the Florida sunshine like a person.

And she wears a Snuggie like a person.

But when it comes to wearing her holiday sweater and/or jacket, she won’t do it. She would rather eat it. So I wanted to post a few pictures of cute Pit Bulls in holiday-wear because, well, who doesn’t like a cute pup in Christmas clothes?!

The Pitties in Sweaters

The Santa Pittie

The Full-Fledged Holiday Spirited Pittie

Maybe next year I can get Maya in the holiday sweater-wearing spirit. Until then, it’s wrapping her in a Snuggie and hoping she doesn’t eat it.

Also: 21 reasons why Pitties are so cool, why you should consider adopting one and why you should stop listening to any media hype about the breed.


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