Christmas Countdown: Bare Escentuals Facial Cleansers

Christmas is only three days away — whoo hoo! — so you probably want to look your best for all those family gatherings, right? A fresh, clean face can give your skin a great glow and also can help you in minimizing the amount of make-up you’ll put on. And will also prevent your mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, cousins, etc. from pointing out that huge zit on your face.

I live and breathe the Bare Escentuals Facial Cleansers line. I started using them for wedding prep, and I haven’t turned back since. The exfoilater really gets in there and scrubs my pours, while the deep cleansing mask helps get rid of any remaining dirt and oil. Quality products like these make me feel like I lost 10 pounds from my face. Kind of weird, I know, but my skins feels so nice and light after a good deep cleaning!

Pick up any one of these products like, now. If you deep cleanse your face today, your skin will look immaculate by this weekend. And again, another great holiday gift for beauty lovers.

I buy the line from Sephora, which is now located at several JcPenny department stores. Also! Make sure to check for in-store coupons because the price of beauty doesn’t always have to be so expensive. If you’re ordering online, visit this website for coupon codes!


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