LWAT: Health, Fitness & Weight Loss in 2012

With two more days left of 2011, I’m putting together my plan for a New Year’s resolution that several follow suit on: getting back to my healthy lifestyle.

Wait — getting back to it? Yep, you read me correctly. I got a little lazy (ten pounds worth) during the past month and a half post-wedding. I fell into the trap of stressing myself out with exercise, weight loss and looking good in my dress that when the wedding day was over, I threw all inhibitions to the wind and lost all my self-control. It also didn’t help that the holidays came quickly after. True: there are plenty of people who have control over the holidays and I admit it, I wasn’t one of them.  Hey, I’m human and I have a fat girl inside of me who is dying to get out.

So, to avoid my self-loathing, self-pity and to shut that fat girl up once and for all, I’m putting myself on an exercise regime and healthy eating planning that did not stem too far from what I did before but is revved up to the max. This time around, I’m looking to lose a significant amount of weight. Namely, 40 to 50 pounds — which will be put me in a really healthy weight range for my height.

Yes, I know this type of weight loss takes time. And I’m going to be patient. However, unlike the last time I lost this amount of weight, I plan to do it in the most healthy fashion that Google researching can grant me. Two key things I’m doing are: WeightWatchers (as usual, with a cut out of bad carbs/processed food) and the Insanity work outs. Jim and I bought the DVDs over the summer to prep for the wedding and holy hell, do they work! It’s HIIT training to a whole ‘nother level and also the right cardio boost to get me where I want to be.

I think the Insanity DVDs are going to be beneficial in my training for a half marathon that I’m doing in April. (Oh yeah, I should mention that in addition to cardio work outs from Insanity, I’ll also be jogging 2-3 miles per day, with a rest day on Sundays. Pilates, yoga, and spin classes will be thrown in there, too, so I don’t get too bored with the same ol’ same ol’.)

I’m excited about the new year and the new opportunities that lay ahead for me. My health and fitness goals are solely for myself and because I like to push myself beyond my own limits. To keep me even more honest, I’m going to post once a week with where I’m at in my fitness goal so I don’t crap out come February.

If you’re interested in joining along on my fitness and health journey, I strongly encourage it! Leave me a comment below and we’ll chat. Until then, have a happy and safe new year!

 (Editor’s note: I’ll be posting on my Weight Watchers blog about my weekly weight loss/fitness goal(s) to not drive you all crazy. My LWAT blog will continue to be filled to the brim with content that is health, fitness and beauty related. … Plus anything else marginally random. :))


5 thoughts on “LWAT: Health, Fitness & Weight Loss in 2012

  1. You can do it, girl! You’ve already made amazing strides in your weight-loss goals, and you continue to be an inspiration for this chubby girl 🙂 Keep it up!

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