LWAT: Getting Fit for Charity

Well, heeeelll-ooo WordPress. I’ve been a tad neglectful of you lately. But I’m back with a new twist for you!


Over the past couple years, I noticed a trend among social media posts from my family and friends. This running trend — no pun intended — is getting fit for charity.

Individuals, who have no prior experience with ‘charity fitness,’ will choose something such as a 1 mile Fun Run/Walk, a 5K, a half-marathon or even full marathon and do a complete fitness makeover for the event. I find it absolutely and completely commendable. Not only is a person helping herself become fit for personal reasons but she is participating in an event is for a cause to make a difference.

Along with running charity events, my family/friends are getting fit for charity through cycling, triathlon, and even pole dancing events! It’s wonderful to see the transformation one goes through in the training process, and the feeling one has when she crosses the finish line; relishing in personal delight for herself as well as knowing she contributed such a selfless act.

Personally, I am (re)training for a half-marathon, (I say (re)training because a recent surgery sent me back to square one) and volunteering for two upcoming fit for charity events. In the past, I’ve participated in 5K for oral cancer and breast cancer — two types of cancer that affected my father and my mother. It was so rewarding participating in these events — and not to mention emotional. When I ran the 5K for my Dad, I remember tearing up at the end. Not only because I had a great time, but because I did it for Dad. With the breast cancer 5K, it made me so immensely proud to be able to cross the finish line right next to my mother.

So, if you’re thinking of getting fit, why not do it for a cause? Active.com has a huge list of events in your area that you can choose from. Many small charity events are low-cost, but the pay-off in participating in these events are priceless.

Are you participating in a fit for charity event? Share it here!


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