Something to Celebrate

Yesterday wasn’t a good day — and that’s okay. Today is better emotionally and mentally, which always helps the physical part of things.

We are celebrating Jim’s graduation this afternoon. A few people thought I should cancel the party feeling it would be too much right now. After Jim and I discussed it, we decided to carry on with the party. I can’t let my health stop everything, and canceling the party would create more feelings of anger and sadness within. Plus, my husband worked so hard for his degree and he deserves a celebration.

No marriage is perfect, and Jim and I certainly have our differences and disagreements. However, we work together as a team, and celebrating the good things in life, however that celebration may come about, is important to the both of us. It is extremely important to me that I give him this day to enjoy and celebrate, even though I cannot help nearly as much as with the party prep as I originally planned. I am so very proud of him, for everything that he does for me and Viviana, and especially proud of his latest academic accomplishment.

Even through all the shit, the confusion and the pain, there are things in this world to smile about, to be proud of, and to look forward to. Stop and celebrate them, even when you feel at your lowest.

Celebrate the good, even when times are rough.


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