Recovery Update

It’s been almost a week since I last posted so it’s time for an update …

I am walking on my own, which is very exciting and making me feel so hopeful. My cousin is getting married in June, and I am praying I walk “normally” by that time. The outlook is seeming pretty bright.

I still have pain — the majority of it in my legs and calves. It is a crampy, Charlie Horse feeling that can get excruciating at times. But when this pain hits, I need to listen to my body and rest.

Resting can get boring, though. Even though it’s extremely important with this recovery. Yet I remind myself that all of the things I aspire to do can wait, and when I have the energy to do them, I do. If not, I table them for the next day and get the rest my body needs.

Every day I get a bit stronger. Not every day is an easier one; in fact, last week had more bad than good. It takes a LOT of effort to do things, and as much as I try to suck it up, it does get hard. I am teaching myself to break things down so things do not seem as difficult. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but I have to in order to get better.

My energy levels are increasing, and I can play more with Viviana. The other night we played dress up with some of my old costume necklaces. I love watching her play and now that I can be a little more active with her, it makes me feel a little more normal again.

It just felt so good. Amazingly, amazingly good. I take it day-to-day, try my best to find my smile and realize there is light at the end of this tunnel, even when an occasional shadow may be cast.


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